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Web Cache Deception Scanner

This extension tests applications for the Web Cache Deception vulnerability.

It adds a new Active Scanner check. Additionally, a context menu item is available to perform a targeted test.


In February 2017, security researcher Omer Gil unveiled a new attack vector dubbed Web Cache Deception.

The Web Cache Deception attack could be devastating in consequences, but is very simple to execute:

  1. Attacker coerces victim to open a link on the valid application server containing the payload.
  2. Attacker opens newly cached page on the server using the same link, to see the exact same page as the victim.

The attack depends on a very specific set of circumstances to make the application vulnerable:

  1. The application only reads the first part of the URL to determine the resource to return, e.g. /my_profile can be accessed as /my_profile_test.
  2. The application stack caches resources according to their file extensions, rather than by cache header values, e.g. /my_profile.jpg is cached.

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Author Johan Snyman, Trustwave
Version 1.1
Last updated 23 November 2017

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