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Turbo Data Miner

This extension adds a new tab Turbo Miner to Burp Suite's GUI as well as an new entry Process in Turbo Miner to Burp Suite's context menu. In the new tab, you are able to write new or select existing Python scripts that are executed on each request/response item currently stored in the Proxy History, Side Map, or on each request/response item that is sent or received by Burp Suite.

The objective of these Python scripts is the flexible and dynamic extraction, correlation, and structured presentation of information from the Burp Suite state as well as the flexible and dynamic on-the-fly modification of outgoing or incoming HTTP requests. Thus, Turbo Data Miner shall aid in gaining a better and faster understanding of the data collected and processed by Burp Suite.

Please refer to the GitHub repo for usage instructions

Author Chopicalqui
Version 1.0
Last updated 26 January 2021

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