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Burp2Slack extension matches all BurpSuite traffics (Intruder, Repeater, Proxy and Scanner) based on "any" of the user input conditions such as:

  • If the input string exists in the response body
  • If the input string exists in the response headers
  • If the response content-length is (equal, greater than, less than or doesn't equal) the user input content length
  • If the input status code matches the response one

When one of the above conditions met, then it pushes a notification to either a Slack channel or Custom server. The notification message is customized and can be edited/formatted by the user to get the met "condition/s" and/or the HTTP response body that includes the conditions.

Main Features:

  • Poll Notifications every X seconds.
  • Customize your notification using {{FOUND}} which is your input condition and {{BODY}} which returns response body.
  • Match response body, HTTP headers, content length and HTTP status code.
  • Use the logical operators !, =, < and &rt; in the content length field.
  • Support both Slack webhook and custom HTTP listeners.
  • Match Burp proxy, Repeater, Intruder and Scanner/Spider.
Author b1twis3 (Hamid Mahmoud)
Version 1.0
Last updated 27 November 2020

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