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XSS Validator

This extension sends responses to a locally-running XSS-Detector server, powered by either Phantom.js and/or Slimer.js


Before starting an attack it is necessary to start the XSS-Detector servers. Navigate to the xss-detector directory and execute the following:

$ phantomjs xss.js &
$ slimerjs slimer.js &

The server will listen by default on port 8093. The server is expecting base64 encoded page responses passed via the http-response, which will be passed via the Burp extender.

Navigate to the xssValidator tab, and copy the value for Grep Phrase. Enter this value within the Burp Intruder grep-match function. Payloads that match this Grep Phrase indicate successful execution of XSS payload.


Within the xss-detector directory there is a folder of examples which can be used to test the extenders functionality.

  • Basic-xss.php: This is the most basic example of a web application that is vulnerable to XSS. It demonstrates how legitimate javascript functionality, such as alerts and console logs, do not trigger false-positives.
  • Bypass-regex.php: This demonstrates a XSS vulnerability that occurs when users attempt to filter input by running it through a single-pass regex.
  • Dom-xss.php: A basic script that demonstrates the tools ability to inject payloads into javascript functionality, and detect their success.

Requires Java version 7

Author John Poulin
Version 1.3.2
Last updated 25 January 2017

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