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Similar Request Excluder

Similar Request Excluder is an extension that enables you to automatically reduce the target scope of your active scan by excluding similar (and therefore redundant) requests.

Warning: some users have reported high memory and CPU usage when running the extension on large audits.

Reducing the target scope can be done by ignoring similar HTTP responses from the spider. If two HTTP responses have the same HTML structure it is likely that they have the same code flow and therefore the same security vulnerabilities. By measuring the similarity of HTTP responses it is possible to automatically reduce the target scope by removing the similar (and therefore redundant) HTTP responses.

For more information, please refer to the thesis.


Since version 1.1.0, Similar Request Excluder is completely automated. There is no need to mark your requests as 'out-of-scope' anymore. It will all be done automatically.

  1. Make sure the extension is enabled by ticking the Status checkbox in the Similar Request Excluder tab.
  2. Adjust the settings to your needs (default should be sufficient).
  3. Spider a complete host or a specific branch of a host.
  4. Now start an active scan and make sure to check remove out-of-scope items.


The full documentation is available on Github. It contains, among other things, extra installation instructions and the FAQ.


If you are experiencing problems with Similar Request Excluder, please file an issue on the GitHub issue tracker or contact me personally via Twitter.

Author Tijme Gommers
Version 1.1.0
Last updated 20 June 2018

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