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Custom Parameter Handler

CPH provides a simple way to modify any part of an HTTP message, allowing manipulation with surgical precision even when using macros. Typically, macros only support HTTP parameters (name=value), but with this extension anything can be targeted.

Features include:

  • Automatic modification of requests and/or responses based on scope and pattern matching.
  • Find and replace with full RegEx support.
  • Scoping to specific Burp Suite tools.
  • Targeting specific matches (only first, all matches, or hand-picked).
  • Chaining and ordering of modifications, and the ability to base next-in-line modifications off previous responses.
  • Save/load Config:
    • Quicksave/quickload (persists between Burp/Extender sessions).
    • Import/export from and to JSON files.
  • After running a macro, extract a replacement value from its final response.
  • Modifying each request/response within a macro.

Source and bug reporting: github.com/elespike/burp-cph.

Wiki: github.com/elespike/burp-cph/wiki.

Requires Jython version 2.7.0

Author @elespike, @eth0up
Version 3.0
Last updated 10 April 2019

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