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WebInspect Connector

This extension integrates Burp with HP WebInspect. It allows you to share findings between Burp and WebInspect, and make your testing workflows more efficient.


  • Load the extension into Burp.
  • In the WebInspect tab, enter the API URL for your instance of WebInspect (for example: http://localhost:8083/webinspect), and click "Connect". The UI will display the list of WebInspect scans.
  • To start working with a WebInspect scan, select it from the list and click "Attach to scan". A new tab will open showing the results of the scan.
  • You can send items from WebInspect to Burp by selecting one or multiple vulnerabilities in the WebInspect scan tab, and use the context menu to perform the following actions:
    • Send to Spider
    • Send to Intruder
    • Send to Repeater
    • Create issue - this will add the vulnerability to Burp Scanner's results
  • You can send items from Burp to WebInspect as follows:
    • Select one or multiple issues in the Burp Scanner results.
    • Use the context menu option "Send to WebInspect".
    • Select an open WebInspect scan.
    • This will create the issue in WebInspect, and will also create a crawling session based on the selected base request.

For support queries relating to this extension, please contact: fortifytechsupport@hpe.com.

Author Hewlett Packard
Version 1.1
Last updated 10 August 2016

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