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Source Mapper

This is a Burpsuite extension for injecting offline source maps for easier JavaScript debugging.

It has become common place for JavaScript and CSS files to be "minified" in order to reduce the amount of data transfer required when a user visits a web application. This is particularly likely when the web application is a Single Page Application (SPA) or other heavy user of client-side code. Unfortunately, minification makes the code very difficult to debug. The process of minification removes all functionally-unnecessary whitespace and reduces variable and function names to as short a value as possible, often down to a single character. When a source map has been applied you get extra visibility in the form of extra resources appearing in the file-tree within the browser's developer console. and these resources can be read and understood like the original code.

This extension adds the necessary content for the browser to know that a source map is available and then it injects that source map in such a way that the browser doesn't need to check for CORS violations. Browsers don't behave exactly the same with source maps as they do for all other resources, but, they do tend to apply things like CORS policies. (For example, you won't see the browsers request for a ".map" file within the network sub-section of the developer tools).


Once the extension has been installed, navigate to the new tab and double check the settings. Not many options to choose from and the main thing to note is that the location that the extension will look for ".map" files. Change this setting, or make the directory, and make sure that all your map files are located here. No need for sub-directories and so on, just make sure the map files have exactly the same name as the original JS file but additionally have the ".map" extension.

For example: "main-320943204324.min.js" should become: "main-320943204324.min.js.map"

Once this is done, visit your target web application, open the developer tools and visit the "Sources" (Chrome) or "Debugger" tabs to trigger the browser to fetch the source map files. Once this is done, you should be able to see the extra resources in the file tree.

Debug output is currently sent to the SourceMapper pane within the extensions tab under "Output".

Author Felix Ryan
Version 1.1
Last updated 20 May 2022

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