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Target Redirector

This extension allows you to redirect requests to a particular target by replacing an incorrect target hostname/IP with the intended one. The Host header can optionally also be updated.

The extension is useful in various situations where you want to force a particular target IP or hostname to be used. For example:

  • Testing a staging/pre-production environment which is full of references to the production environment. You can add both environments to scope, and allow the scanner to scan all the referenced pages, but whilst ensuring that only the staging/pre-production targets are scanned.
  • Applications that are protected by third-party DDoS protection/load balancers which serve the public URL. The third-party servers are not in scope so cannot be tested. A backend target IP/hostname has been provided, but the public URL is referenced all over the target web application.
  • Hostname resolving to multiple IP addresses, but you can only test one IP, and you do not want to the "fix" DNS using hosts file or similar.
Author Paul Taylor, Foregenix Ltd
Version 1.1
Last updated 04 April 2018

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