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This extension provides a way of managing tokens like anti-CSRF, CSurf, Session IDs.

It can be used to set parameters that require random numbers or parameters that are computed based on application responses.

It works by

  • extracting tokens from responses using your RegEx
  • insert them in responses after manipulating the values with javascript.

Multiple parameter choices

  • header - the token is contained by a custom header
  • url - the URL query contains the token
  • body - the token is an usual POST parameter
  • cookie - one of the cookies contains the token
  • other - json, xml, xml attribute, multi-part attribute

Scoping to different tools

  • Proxy
  • Intruder
  • Repeater
  • Scanner

Special features include

  • a module for testing your RegEx
  • enhanced debugging messages

Please refer to the documentation for more details.

Author Dan Negrea @sec3ty
Version 2.0a
Last updated 15 March 2022

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