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This extension augments Intruder to probe endpoints consuming Java serialized objects to identify classes, libraries, and library versions on remote Java classpaths.


  1. Send your request to Intruder, highlight the payload position of your serialized object, and add a wordlist of Java class names to look for.
  2. Add the custom intruder payload processor via "Invoke Burp Extension->Classname to GadgetProbe" to convert your payload string (e.g., "org.apache.commons.collections.functors.invokertransformer") to a Java serialized object probe.
  3. Run the Intruder attack. The results will be sent back via DNS interactions to a Collaborator instance managed by the extension.
  4. View the results in the GadgetProbe tab.
  5. Use the "Detect Library Versions" button to detect version signatures on supported libraries (use the "Copy Detect Library Wordlist" button to copy the list to your clipboard).

For more details and wordlists, check out the project on GitHub

To find out how it works, check out this article

Author Jake Miller (@theBumbleSec), Bishop Fox
Version 1.0
Last updated 27 February 2020

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