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.NET Beautifier

This extension beautifies .NET requests to make the body parameters more human readable. Built-in parameters like __VIEWSTATE have their values masked. Form field names have the auto-generated part of their name removed.

Requests are only beautified in contexts where they can be edited, such as the Proxy intercept view.

For example, a .NET request with the following body:

 __VIEWSTATE=%2oiAIHfiohsdoigjKLASgjghajklgjSDGsjdglSDJg9SDJGsdgjSGJDDSasdfja9sdjfasdfja0sdfja ... [1000 lines later] ... &ctl00%24ctl00%24InnerContentPlaceHolder%24Element_42%24ctl00%24FrmLogin%24TxtUsername_intern al=username&ctl00%24ctl00%24InnerContentPlaceHolder%24Element_42%24ctl00%24FrmLogin%24TxtPass word_internal=password&ctl00%24ctl00%24InnerContentPlaceHolder%24Element_42%24ctl00%24BtnLogi n=Login 

will be displayed like this:

 __VIEWSTATE=<snipped out for sanity>&TxtUsername_internal=username&TxtPassword_internal=password&BtnLogin=Login 

This is done without compromising the integrity of the underlying message so you can edit parameter values and the request will be correctly reconstructed. You can also send the beautified messages to other Burp tools, and they will be handled correctly.

Author Nadeem Douba
Version 0.3
Last updated 23 January 2017

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