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Custom Send To

Adds a customizable "Send to..."-context-menu to your BurpSuite.


After loading the extension the "Send to"-Tab contains all necessary options to configure the "Send to"-context-menu.

New context-menu-entries can be added using the "Add"-button. Each entry consists of following fields:

  • Name: the name of the context-menu-entry
  • Command: the command to be executed. You can use following placeholders:
    • %S: will be replaced with the selected text
    • %F: will be replaced with the path to a temporary file which contains the selected text
  • Run in terminal: defines whether a terminal-window should appear in which the configured command is executed. By default "xterm" is used as terminal-emulator. You can change the terminal-emulator in the "Miscellaneous Options" to your liking.
  • Show preview: gives you the chance to preview and change the command before executing it

After creating new context-menu-entries using the "Add"-button they can be edited or deleted again using the "Edit"- and "Remove"-button. In addition the order in which they appear in the context-menu can be altered using the "Up"- and "Down"-button.


The "Send to..." context-menu contains all entries which were added in the "Send to"-Tab. In addition you can add new entries via the "Custom command..."-context-menu-entry.

Save and load options

Usually the options of the "Send to"-Tab are saved automatically. However, if you switch computers you may save and load your current options. This can be done by clicking on the gear-symbol in the upper-left corner of the "Send to"-Tab and select the appropriate context-menu-entry.

Security Notes

Executing commands based on untrusted input always introduces the risk of command injection. This is especially true when using the %S placeholder. Thus it is recommended to always activate the Show preview option when using the %S placeholder and closely analyse commands in the preview window prior to execution.

Author Thomas Engel
Version 0.93
Last updated 18 June 2019

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