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Site Map Extractor

This extension extracts information from the Site Map. You can use the full site map or just in-scope items. Three types of information can be extracted:

Anchor Links - Searches responses for links of the form <a href=. Note that this will include links within JavaScript and in commented out areas. The log displays the found links and the page the link was found on. You have the option to select absolute links, relative links, or both. Log data can optionally be saved to a .csv file.

Response Codes - Finds all requests that returned one of the selected response code ranges (1xx/2xx/3xx/4xx/5xx). The log displays the page requested, the referer if one was specified, the specific response code, and if the response was a redirect, where the page was redirected. The log can optionally be saved to a .csv file.

Export Site Map - Saves the site map requests and responses to a .txt file. You can specify that all requests should be exported or only those with a corresponding response. The full content of the requests and responses is saved. This enables you to write independent code to further process the site map as you wish.

Author Susan Wright
Version 1.2
Last updated 29 January 2020

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