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System requirements for your external database (Standard)

  • Last updated: March 27, 2024

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Burp Suite Enterprise Edition requires a database to store the application data. For production use, we recommend that you connect to an external database.

The size of the database you need depends on the total number of scans your organization runs, and the volume of issues found by the Scanner.


If you need help with the system requirements, please email our support team.

The following table indicates the quantity of data that you are likely to accumulate, based on the number of scans your organization has run:

Number of scans Data storage
1,000 500 MB
10,000 5 GB
100,000 50 GB

Database size requirements

The size of your database instance depends on the number of concurrent scans that you want to run, and the type of database.

For a database instance such as AWS RDS, we recommend a minimum of 2 vCPUs and 8GB RAM, for example a db.t3.large instance.

Supported database versions

We support the following external databases up to the versions listed below. We also support any earlier database versions from these vendors as long as they are still supported by the vendor themselves.

Type Highest supported version



Microsoft SQL server

2022 (16.0.1000.6)




23c (




AWS Aurora databases are not supported.

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