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Setup guide: Standard deployment

  • Last updated: January 29, 2024

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You can use the installer for standard deployments of Burp Suite Enterprise Edition.

This section explains how to perform a production-ready standard deployment of Burp Suite Enterprise Edition, and how to configure the application once it is installed.

To deploy Burp Suite Enterprise Edition:

  1. Architecture overview
  2. Single vs. multi-machine deployment
  3. Configuring network and firewall settings
  4. System requirements
  5. External database system requirements
  6. Setting up an external database
  7. Prerequisites for a standard installation
  8. Installing Burp Suite Enterprise Edition
  9. Deploying additional scanning machines
  10. Configuring Burp Suite Enterprise Edition
  11. Activating your license
  12. Configuring your web server

Unattended installation

You can also install Burp Suite Enterprise Edition via the command line. To learn more, see Unattended installation.

First step - Architecture overview

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