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Single vs. multi-machine deployment

  • Last updated: January 29, 2024

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The number of machines needed to run Burp Suite Enterprise Edition very much depends on the scale of your intended usage.

Single machine deployment

You can run all of the components on a single machine, including the embedded database. The embedded database is designed for trials and evaluations of Burp Suite Enterprise Edition. It is not intended for production use. For production deployments, we recommend that you connect to an external database and use a multi-machine deployment. The diagram below shows a single-machine deployment:

A single-machine installation of Burp Suite Enterprise Edition

Multi-machine deployment

Alternatively, you can run scans on several different machines and you can use your own external database for storage. This lets you scale the number of concurrent scans that you could potentially run to be indefinitely large and utilize any existing database infrastructure that you have. The diagram below shows a multiple-machine deployment, with an external database and separate scanning machines:

A multiple-machine installation of Burp Suite Enterprise Edition

Note that the Enterprise server and the web server are always deployed on a single machine.


For specific details about the system requirements for both of these deployment options, see System requirements for standard deployments.

Network and firewall settings

To ensure that Burp Suite Enterprise Edition can work correctly, you need to configure your network to allow the various components to communicate with each other and your target applications. The network requirements vary depending on whether you intend to perform a single-machine or multi-machine deployment. To learn more, see Configuring your network and firewall settings.

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