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CI/CD security testing

What is CI/CD security integration?

The CI/CD environment allows software to be built and delivered at speed. To do this, it makes heavy use of automation. But releasing software quickly can be a risky business. How do you avoid critical security bugs with such a rapid release schedule? This problem creates a real need for security in CI/CD pipelines.

CI/CD security solutions like Burp Suite Enterprise Edition give you the safety net you need to support agile development. The assurances it gives you enable DevSecOps - shifting security "left", to the start of the development lifecycle.

Why should you integrate security with CI/CD?

Integrated security testing makes life easier for development teams. Often, security is left until the end of development - the last vestige of the waterfall model. This means it can be weeks before bugs are found. At best, this means backtracking to fix them. At worst, a serious logic flaw could halt development. Testing this way is a major bottleneck.

CI/CD-integrated security systems can scan for bugs whenever new code is committed. This helps organizations make huge efficiency gains in software development. Firstly, fresh bugs are much easier and cheaper to fix than stale, ingrained ones. Secondly, fast feedback is a great way to help developers learn secure coding practices.

Burp Suite Enterprise Edition's vulnerability scanner is powered by PortSwigger's world-class research. Every bug it detects comes with expert remediation advice written for developers. You'll be able to fix bugs there and then, ready for deployment. This can help to dramatically improve release velocity.

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Securing CI/CD needn't destroy your workflow

No one likes technology churn. Development systems rely on a wide array of tools and processes. Disruption to these systems will set development back, as staff adjust to the new environment. This is no fun for anyone. The key to properly implementing secure CI/CD is to make its associated software almost invisible from a logistical standpoint.

Cultural factors also feed into this. Traditionally, security has been a source of friction and slowdown in software development. Workflow disruption based on the premise of improving security, might prove unpopular. On the whole, developers - like many other groups - dislike change. It's crucial that a CI/CD security solution causes minimal disruption.

Elimination of friction was a primary concern in the design of Burp Suite Enterprise Edition. A REST API enables universal CI/CD integration, while dedicated plugins are available for popular software like Jenkins and TeamCity. Burp Scanner can operate per commit or via a schedule - and can be configured to halt a build if it finds certain issues.

Could you benefit from CI/CD security integration?

The primary aim of CI/CD is to improve release velocity - so the last thing you want to do is negate that through security testing. Properly implemented CI/CD security removes bottlenecks. This hastens, rather than hampers delivery speed. But this needn't come at the cost of quality. Security improves. Compliance is often easier to achieve because of it.

And the benefits of secure CI/CD don't end with increased agility. Applications that are built secure make penetration tests more effective. Testers can concentrate on the advanced vulnerabilities they're supposed to find, rather than giving advice on basic security measures. Pentesting isn't cheap - so the value you gain from it will rise accordingly.

With Burp Suite Enterprise Edition, the whole scanning process can be managed by non-technical staff if necessary. Simple dashboards produce appealing graphics and make security reports easy to write. Thanks to the software's highly scalable architecture, this works for organizations of any size.

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