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Gareth Heyes


Gareth Heyes

PortSwigger researcher Gareth Heyes is probably best known for smashing the AngularJS sandbox to pieces and creating super-elegant XSS vectors. When he's not authoring books (like the recent title, JavaScript for hackers), Gareth is a father to two wonderful girls and husband to an amazing wife, as well as an ardent fan of Liverpool FC.

In his daily life at PortSwigger, Gareth can often be found creating new XSS vectors, researching new techniques to attack web applications. He has a keen interest in hacking CSS to do wonderful unexpected things and can often be seen experimenting with 3D pure CSS rooms, games and taking markup languages to the limit on his website. He's also the author of PortSwigger's XSS Cheat Sheet. In his spare time he loves writing new BApp extensions such as Hackvertor.

Gareth's Favourite Papers