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Burp Suite Enterprise Edition beta now available

Dafydd Stuttard | 31 August 2018 at 10:34 UTC
MoBP Burp Suite Enterprise Edition

Burp Suite Enterprise Edition 1.0 beta is now available, for purchase and free trial.

This is a brand new product with the following key features:

Note that this is a beta release. It may contain bugs, including missing some vulnerabilities when scanning. It will remain officially in beta while problems are identified and resolved.

Licensing and pricing

Burp Suite Enterprise Edition is licensed for a specified number of agents. Each agent is capable of scanning one web site at a time. The pricing consists of a fixed price per year for the server installation (including one agent) plus a price per year for each additional agent:

Pricing is per year, and you will need to renew your subscription to continue using the product. You can add further agents at any time, and the cost is calculated pro rata according to the days remaining on your license. This lets you grow your installation in a cost effective way as your requirements evolve.

There are no restrictions on numbers of users or the number of distinct web sites that can be scanned, and product updates are always made available to licensed users without additional charge.

Get started

Use the links below for more details on getting started with Burp Suite Enterprise Edition:

Product roadmap

This is a new product, and its feature set will develop substantially over time. Here are some features that didn't make the cut of the initial release:

To a great extent, we'll be guided by user feedback when setting priorities for new features. If you would like to see something added, please do let us know.