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Burp Suite Enterprise Edition installation instructions

The installation process involves the following phases:

Preparing for installation

This section describes the decisions and actions that you need to take before installing Burp Suite Enterprise Edition.

Note: Before proceeding, you should carefully read the system requirements, as these affect some of the decisions and actions that you need to take.

You need to decide:

You need to review your network topology and any firewall configuration to ensure that application components can communicate with each other and necessary external systems. See the system requirements for full details. In particular, the following network access should be in place prior to installation:

Note that if any machines are running a host-based firewall, you might need to configure these to allow the required access.

Initial product installation

This section describes the process of installing the Enterprise server and web server, and optionally an initial agent on the same machine.

Log in to your account on portswigger.net and download the relevant Burp Suite Enterprise Edition installer, based on the operating system of your Enterprise server machine. The installer is distributed as a ZIP file containing the installer executable.

Run the installer executable as root (on Linux and MacOS) or Administrator (on Windows).

During the installation wizard you will need to specify:

When the installation wizard completes, the Enterprise server and web server (and initial agent, if configured) should be installed and running.

Post-installation configuration

This section describes the steps that you typically need to carry out following the initial installation of Burp Suite Enterprise Edition.

Note: Following initial installation, the web server uses unencrypted HTTP for its communications. If you plan to enable TLS, it is recommended that you perform the post-installation steps from the Enterprise server machine itself, or on a trusted network connection to it.

Carry out the following steps to complete the installation:

Your installation is now complete, and you can now:

Installing additional agents

The number of installed agents determines the number of concurrent scans that can be carried out (subject to the limits defined by your license).

If you installed an agent on the Enterprise server machine during initial installation, then you can increase the agent count on this agent. To do this, go to the Agents tab, click on the agent, and edit the "Count" field.

You can install additional agents on other computers using the following steps:

The newly installed agents are now available for use in scans.