Security Teams

The in-house Security Team

Automation within Burp Scanner has allowed this team to significantly reduce its consultancy costs.

Security Consultancies

Threat Intelligence Pty Ltd

This penetration testing team has been able to identify deeply hidden vulnerabilities using Burp Collaborator.


Using Burp Suite Professional provides efficiency for Securitum's team of penetration testers

Freelance Pentesters

The Freelance Tester

Using Burp Suite Professional has given this tester the time to focus on discovering real vulnerabilities.

Bug Bounty Hunters

Bug Bounty Hunter

Burp Suite Professional is the tool of choice for bug bounty hunters.

Globally securing web applications

Companies and individuals globally rely on Burp Suite to uncover security vulnerabilities in their web applications.

39,000 users and counting!

Today, over 39,000 individuals use Burp Suite and this number is growing daily

"Thanks for such a fantastic tool and for your support responses"

- Michelle Simpson, Security Consultant, NCC Group

"Burp rules them all. Keep it up. :-)"

- Russ McRee, Principal Security PM Lead, Microsoft

"Burp is my go to tool for testing web applications. It's best in class! Can't wait to see what the future holds."

- Kevin Johnson, CEO, Secure Ideas

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