Lab: Developing a custom gadget chain for PHP deserialization

This lab uses a serialization-based session mechanism. By deploying a custom gadget chain, you can exploit its insecure deserialization to achieve remote code execution. To solve the lab, delete the morale.txt file from Carlos's home directory.

You can log in to your own account using the following credentials: wiener:peter


You can sometimes read source code by appending a tilde (~) to a filename to retrieve an editor-generated backup file.


  1. Log in to your own account and notice that the session cookie contains a serialized PHP object. Notice that the website references the file /cgi-bin/libs/CustomTemplate.php. Obtain the source code by submitting a request using the .php~ backup file extension.
  2. In the source code, notice that the __wakeup() magic method for a CustomTemplate will create a new Product by referencing the default_desc_type and desc from the CustomTemplate.
  3. Also notice that the DefaultMap class has the __get() magic method, which will be invoked if you try to read an attribute that doesn't exist for this object. This magic method invokes call_user_func(), which will execute any function that is passed into it via the DefaultMap->callback attribute. The function will be executed on the $name, which is the non-existent attribute that was requested.
  4. You can exploit this gadget chain to invoke exec(rm /home/carlos/morale.txt) by passing in a CustomTemplate object where:

    CustomTemplate->default_desc_type = "rm /home/carlos/morale.txt"; CustomTemplate->desc = DefaultMap; DefaultMap->callback = "exec"

    If you follow the data flow in the source code, you will notice that this causes the Product constructor to try and fetch the default_desc_type from the DefaultMap object. As it doesn't have this attribute, the __get() method will invoke the callback exec() method on the default_desc_type, which is set to our shell command.

  5. To solve the lab, Base64 and URL-encode the following serialized object, and pass it into the website via your session cookie:

    O:14:"CustomTemplate":2:{s:17:"default_desc_type";s:26:"rm /home/carlos/morale.txt";s:4:"desc";O:10:"DefaultMap":1:{s:8:"callback";s:4:"exec";}}

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