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If you're new to web security, it can be difficult to know where to begin. We recommend working through the topics available, completing the labs as you go, but don't be afraid to move on to the next topic if you get stuck. You can go back to the more challenging labs once you've developed your skills further. If you want more guided support, please see our learning paths.

Server-side topics

For complete beginners, we recommend starting with our server-side topics. These vulnerabilities are typically easier to learn because you only need to understand what's happening on the server. Our materials and labs will help you develop some of the core knowledge and skills that you will rely on time after time.

Client-side topics

Client-side vulnerabilities introduce an additional layer of complexity, which can make them slightly more challenging. These materials and labs will help you build on the server-side skills you've already learned and teach you how to identify and exploit some gnarly client-side vectors as well.

Advanced topics

These topics aren't necessarily more difficult to master but they generally require deeper understanding and a wider breadth of knowledge. We recommend getting to grips with the basics before tackling these labs, some of which are based on pioneering techniques discovered by our world-class research team.

Burp Suite Certified Practitioner

The Burp Suite Certified Practitioner exam is challenging, and heavily focused on problem-solving. To pass the exam, you will need to demonstrate a number of skills and abilities. We advise that you need to be able to complete all "Apprentice" and "Practitioner" level labs, so at this point in the learning path you're in a great position to give it a go.

Mystery lab challenge

Unlike when you complete labs on the Web Security Academy, during the exam you'll have no prior knowledge of the type of vulnerability that you need to find and exploit. Use the mystery lab challenge below to spin up a randomized lab that you'll have to try and work out how to solve with no context, just like in the exam.

In some of the labs, you have access to your own account with the credentials wiener:peter. If you can enumerate usernames, you may also be able to brute-force the login using the following username and password wordlists.



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Learning about web security @WebSecAcademy and don't know how I made it this long in the web design world without getting into this. Now I am hooked. Can't stop playing around in their labs. Just spent an entire long weekend in front of the laptop #websec