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Burp Suite Professional - Frequently Asked Questions


  1. How much does Burp Suite Professional cost?
    Burp licenses are priced per user per year. Current prices are shown on the online order form.
  2. What currency is the product priced in?
    Burp is priced in US dollars, Pounds Sterling, and Euros. If you want to pay using another currency, you can use a credit card denominated in that currency, and the conversion will be handled automatically by your bank.
  3. Is there any sales tax?
    If you are outside the EU, there is no sales tax to pay. If you are a business within the EU and outside the UK, we can sell to you without charging VAT, if you provide your VAT number when ordering. Otherwise, your order will be subject to VAT at the standard rate. In all cases, you will advised during the ordering process whether your order is subject to VAT.
  4. Are there any shipping or other costs?
  5. Can we have a formal quotation?
    You can self-generate a formal order quotation here.
  6. Can I have a free trial?
    We are happy to offer two-week trial licenses to businesses that have not used Burp Suite Professional in the past. If you qualify, please request a free trial using your work email address.
  7. Are discounts available for charities or for educational use?
    Sorry, no special discounts are available. Compared to other tools, Burp is priced extremely competitively. We prefer to keep our headline price low and charge the same to everyone.

  8. Can I pay using Bitcoin?
    Yes, we can accept payment using Bitcoin. To do this, please obtain a quotation in the normal way, and email office@portswigger.net with your order number. We will reply with a Bitcoin price for your order, and the ID of the wallet to which you should send payment.

    Ordering process
  9. How can I buy Burp Suite Professional?
    You can buy Burp exclusively through the online order form.
  10. What payment methods are accepted?
    You can pay using credit card, PayPal, wire transfer or check. We always require payment in advance of delivery.
  11. Can we pay by purchase order?
    Sorry, we do not accept purchase orders as payment. If you send us a purchase order, we will send you an order quotation, which you can self-generate here.
  12. Can we pay on 30-day terms?
    Sorry, we do not offer any credit terms. We prefer to keep our product very competitively priced, and the admin involved in chasing payments would increase our costs and our prices. If you need extra time to pay, you can pay using your credit card.
  13. What is the lead time between paying for an order and receiving the software?
    If you pay online using your credit card or PayPal, your order will normally be fulfilled automatically in real time, and you can begin using the software straight away. If you pay using wire transfer or check, we will normally fulfill your order within one working day of receiving payment.
  14. What is the part number / SKU for the software?
    Since we only supply one product, we do not use a part number. If you need one to complete your paperwork, you can use the number 1.
  15. How is the software delivered?
    When your order is completed, we will send you an email with login information. You can then log in to your account on our system and download the software and license.
  16. Can I have a receipt for my purchase?
    Yes, you can download a formal receipt for your purchase from your account on our system. If you are buying as a reseller, you will receive a link to your receipt via email.
  17. What is your phone and fax number?
    To keep our service as fast and efficient as possible, we do not offer contact via telephone or fax. You can contact us via email and we will normally respond within one working day.
  18. Our purchase from you is subject to withholding tax in our country. What should we do?
    Most major countries have tax treaties that enable you to avoid withholding tax. If applicable, we can help you to avoid withholding tax by completing relevant tax forms (such as the W8BEN form for customers in the US). However, you bear sole responsibility for any withholding tax liabilities, and no deductions must be made in the amount paid to PortSwigger Ltd under any circumstances.
  19. Where are your terms and conditions?
    You can read our terms and conditions here.
  20. Where is the license agreement for Burp Suite Professional?
    You can read our license agreement here.

  21. We are a software reseller. Can we buy on behalf of our end customer?
    Yes, we are happy to sell through resellers. You can place an order using our reseller order form.
  22. Are there any reseller discounts available?
    Sorry, we do not offer any reseller discounts. Compared to other tools, Burp is priced extremely competitively. We prefer to keep our headline price low and charge the same to everyone.
  23. Will the download details be sent to the reseller or to the end customer?
    You can specify on the reseller order form whether you would like the download details to be sent to you or directly to your end customer.
  24. Will the end customer receive information about how much we paid?
    No. The receipt for your purchase will be emailed directly to you, and no information about your purchase will be visible within your end customer's account on our system.
  25. How can we become an authorized reseller?
    Although we are happy to sell through resellers, we do not currently enter into individual agreements or endorse particular resellers.
  26. Where is your reseller agreement?
    Our software license agreement includes provision for buyers who wish to resell our software to end customers.

  27. What languages is the software available in?
    The Burp Suite Professional software uses the English language within its user interface and output.
  28. What operating systems does the software run on?
    Burp requires a computer with the official Java Runtime Environment (version 1.6 or later) installed. JREs are available for various popular operating systems, including Windows, Linux and Mac OSX. If you are unsure whether your computer is suitable, you should first test the free edition of Burp Suite on your computer to satisfy yourself that it works correctly.
  29. What are the system requirements for running the software?
    Burp requires a minimum of 4Gb of memory. If you are performing large amounts of work, or testing large or complex applications, you may need more memory than this. If you are unsure whether your computer is suitable, you should first test the free edition of Burp Suite on your computer to satisfy yourself that it works correctly.
  30. Is Burp open source?
    No, Burp is closed source.

  31. How long is a Burp Suite Professional license valid for?
    Licenses are normally valid for one year from the date of purchase.
  32. What is the difference between a company and individual license?
    There is no difference in the terms of the license. This only determines whether the license caption displays the name of the company or individual who purchased it.
  33. How many people can use a Burp Suite Professional license?
    Each license is valid for a certain number of users. This number can be specified during the ordering process and is displayed within the license caption. The number of users on your license must be sufficient for the number of users who ever make use of the software. For the avoidance of doubt, "users" means actual individual people, not concurrent users or installations or anything else. 
  34. Can we share a single license between several people provided only one person uses it at a time?
    No. You must buy a license with sufficient users for the number of individual people who ever make use of the software.
  35. Can I install the software on more than one computer?
    Each installation of Burp Suite Professional needs to be activated before it will operate. We recognize that users may need to install Burp on more than one computer. Within reason, additional activations are allowed provided that you abide by the license terms. We reserve the right to limit the number of activations allowed per license, and to prevent further activations if this limit is exceeded.
  36. Is an enterprise or site license available?
    Sorry, Burp is only licensed on a per-user basis. We believe that Burp's low price makes it feasible for larger organizations to license all relevant users on this basis.
  37. What happens when the license expires?
    The software will stop working. You will need to renew your license to continue using the software.

  38. Will I receive free updates to the software?
    New updates to Burp are released regularly, and these are made available without charge to licensed users. We reserve the right to change this policy in future, but have no current plans to do so.
  39. Is there any customer support?
    The Burp license that you purchase entitles you to use the software, and does not include any contractual support. In practice, we do provide support via email to assist users who encounter problems or have feature requests. This support is provided on a discretionary, best-efforts basis, and we are normally able to provide an initial response within one working day.
  40. I have forgotten my login credentials. What should I do?
    Please email us using the email account that you used to purchase the software, and we will assist you.
  41. Can I install the software on a computer that is not connected to the internet?
    Yes. There is a "manual activation" procedure, in which you can activate the software using a browser, by copying an activation challenge from Burp to your browser, and copying an activation response from your browser back to Burp. Provided you have a means of copying text between the installation machine and an internet-connected machine (for example, via a USB memory stick), you can use this procedure to activate Burp on a machine that is not connected to the internet.

Note: The above information is provided solely to assist users and is not incorporated into our terms and conditions or license agreement.

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