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Frequently asked questions

Yes - request your fully-featured trial here.

Have a look at our getting started guide.

We've also produced a series of videos on the essentials of Burp Suite, which may be useful.

Technical support is provided free of charge to all users, via our Support Center. Anyone can self-register an account on the Support Center. We are normally able to provide an initial response to technical support queries within 24 hours.

Please contact our Customer Happiness Team if you require any other assistance.

See details of PortSwigger's training partners.

PortSwigger has also produced a series of videos on the essentials of Burp Suite, and we provide free online cybersecurity training through the Web Security Academy.

Yes - Burp Suite Professional encourages customization through the Burp Extender API. You can also download over 200 pre-built Burp extensions for free, from the BApp Store.

Burp Suite Professional and Burp Suite Enterprise Edition are two different products, so there is no direct license upgrade path. However, many organizations using Burp Suite Professional develop a use case for Burp Suite Enterprise Edition as they mature (e.g. toward DevSecOps).

If you think Burp Suite Enterprise Edition might be for you, please feel free to contact us to discuss this.

Burp Suite Professional licenses are priced per user, per year. A user in this case means an individual person, and not a machine, installation, concurrent user, or anything else.

You need a Burp Suite Professional license with sufficient users for the number of individual people who ever make use of the software.

PortSwigger recognizes that users may need to install Burp Suite on more than one computer. Within reason, additional activations are allowed provided that you abide by the license terms. Each installation of Burp Suite Professional needs to be activated before it will operate. We reserve the right to limit the number of activations allowed per license, and to prevent further activations if this limit is exceeded.

You can purchase individual Burp Suite Professional license keys for individual users, or multi-user keys for multiple users (e.g. whole teams or companies). You must always have enough licenses for the number of individual people who ever use the software.

Yes - you can buy one, two, three, or five year licenses online.

The cost of a renewal is the same as the cost of a new license.

You can pay by credit card, PayPal, bank transfer, check, or Bitcoin.

We require payment in advance. On receipt of payment, you will receive an email containing login details for your account on our system, where you can download your license, the latest software builds, and a formal receipt for your purchase.

If you need a formal quotation, please complete the order form here.

To pay using Bitcoin, please email us with your order number. We will reply with a Bitcoin price for your order, and the ID of the wallet to which you should send payment.

By completing the order form here, you agree to the terms and conditions in our End User License Agreement. We do not negotiate changes to our End User License Agreement.

No - Burp Suite Professional is priced extremely competitively.

Sorry, we do not generally offer any credit terms. We prefer to keep our product very competitively priced, and the admin involved in chasing payments would increase our costs and our prices.

In the case of large orders, please feel free to email us to discuss terms.

Sorry, we do not accept purchase orders as payment. If you send us a purchase order, we will send you an order invoice referencing your PO number.

Yes - please see our Reseller FAQs.

Customer quote

Burp Suite is an essential tool for anyone performing web application testing. Source: TechValidate survey of PortSwigger customers

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