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Burp Suite Professional

Product roadmap

We've got big plans for the road ahead - and we're sure you do too.

roadmap for Burp Suite Professional product development

Roadmap for Burp Suite Professional

Audit of asynchronous traffic

New feature

Burp Scanner will automatically audit in-scope API requests that are issued from client-side JavaScript using XHR and Fetch.

Message inspector improvements

Feature enhancement

We will make various improvements to the usability of the HTTP message inspector, based on user feedback.

Improved user experience

Feature enhancement

Based on feedback, we have a number of changes planned to improve your experience in Burp Suite Professional - including options to customize the UI and layout.

New API and multi-language extensibility

New feature

A completely new extensibility framework, supporting Burp extensions written in Java, JavaScript, or Python 3 - leading to much richer capabilities in the future.

Support for popups in recorded login sequences

Feature enhancement

Addition of support for popup page elements when using Burp Scanner's recorded login (authenticated scanning) feature.

Performance improvements

Feature enhancement

Improved memory and processing efficiency for various Burp features. Users will also gain feedback on any resource-hungry BApps.

JWT scan checks

New feature

Burp Scanner will check for a number of security vulnerabilities relating to JSON Web Tokens (JWT).

Feature enhancement

Fine-tuning of Burp Scanner, to optimize its performance when scanning sites built using React or AngularJS.

Improved scan speed

Feature enhancement

Further optimized performance in default settings - to enable faster scans without compromising coverage.

Enhanced Burp Intruder


More options for brute forcing and fuzzing. New payload types and placement options, richer results analysis, and incremental saving.

DOM testing tools


Add-ons to Burp Suite Professional's embedded browser have enhanced manual testing for DOM-based vulnerabilities.

Integrated SCA capabilities


Perform software composition analysis (SCA) of client-visible code. Report JavaScript libraries in use that contain known vulnerabilities.

API scanning


Enumerate API endpoints to scan APIs in target applications. API scanning utilizes OpenAPI (Swagger) definitions.

Automatic updates


Update without lifting a finger. Burp Suite Professional can now update itself automatically - without user intervention.

New web cache poisoning scan checks


Find cutting-edge vulnerabilities with Burp Scanner. Scan checks based on James Kettle's latest web cache poisoning research.

Browser-powered scanning by default


Best-in-class coverage and scanning performance for challenging targets like AJAX-heavy single page app, with browser-driven (Chromium) scanning. Enabled by default.

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HTTP/2-specific vulnerability reporting


Burp Scanner can now report new classes of HTTP/2-specific vulnerabilities.

Server-side template injection


Burp Scanner can now detect injection into a wider range of templating engines, and will employ OAST techniques to detect blind SSTI.

Improved SPA scanning


Burp Scanner now handles navigational actions that cause DOM updates without a synchronous request to the server, allowing better handling of single-page applications.

Native HTTP logging


Based on the user popularity of certain BApps (Logger++ and Flow), Burp Suite Professional has gained native, resource-efficient logging functionality.

HTTP/2 support


Use HTTP/2 for both inbound and outbound communication over TLS (beta feature). Also gives control of TLS protocols within Burp Proxy.

Inspector view


Manipulate browser traffic more easily. Improved access to headers, parameters, and more - plus automatic encoding and decoding.

Render pages within Burp tools


See exactly what you're looking at - without changing tab. Tools like Burp Repeater and Burp Intruder now allow you to render responses.

Pretty printing in the HTTP message editor


Make code easier to work with. Burp Suite will prettify JSON, XML, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript within the HTTP message editor.

HTTP/2-based enhancements


The HTTP message inspector has gained new capabilities, enabling manual exploitation of HTTP/2-specific vulnerabilities using Burp Repeater. The Burp Extender API has also been enhanced to enable HTTP/2-specific attacks.

Payloads within data formats


We have improved the placement and encoding of scan payloads within JSON and XML data structures.

Improved navigational coverage


Burp Scanner now detects and interacts with more DOM elements that can cause JavaScript-triggered navigation, in addition to conventional links and forms.

Early adopters releases


All Burp Suite Professional users now gain access to an optional early adopters' release track - giving early access to new and experimental features.

Recorded login sequences


Better scrutinize login-related functionality by recording complex login sequences in a browser. Ideal for JavaScript-heavy logins, or single sign-on.

Embedded browser for manual testing


Proxy HTTPS traffic with no configuration necessary. Burp Suite's embedded Chromium browser can now take care of everything.

Browser-powered scanning enhancements


Significant improvements to Burp Scanner - enabling enhanced performance and coverage of modern navigational patterns.

Customer quote

The tool is self sufficient, with many features out of the box and allows for extensibility. No need for servers or databases. It's a well calibrated "gun". It lets us either validate findings from external security reports or penetration test our software while in development. Source: TechValidate survey of PortSwigger customers

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