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Lab: Information disclosure in error messages


This lab's verbose error messages reveal that it is using a vulnerable version of a third-party framework. To solve the lab, obtain and submit the version number of this framework.


  1. With Burp running, open one of the product pages.
  2. In Burp, go to "Proxy" > "HTTP history" and notice that the GET request for product pages contains a productID parameter. Send the GET /product?productId=1 request to Burp Repeater. Note that your productId might be different depending on which product page you loaded.
  3. In Burp Repeater, change the value of the productId parameter to a non-integer data type, such as a string. Send the request:

    GET /product?productId="example"
  4. The unexpected data type causes an exception, and a full stack trace is displayed in the response. This reveals that the lab is using Apache Struts 2 2.3.31.
  5. Go back to the lab, click "Submit solution", and enter 2 2.3.31 to solve the lab.

Community solutions

Michael Sommer
Popo Hack