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Lab: Source code disclosure via backup files


This lab leaks its source code via backup files in a hidden directory. To solve the lab, identify and submit the database password, which is hard-coded in the leaked source code.


  1. Browse to /robots.txt and notice that it reveals the existence of a /backup directory. Browse to /backup to find the file ProductTemplate.java.bak. Alternatively, right-click on the lab in the site map and go to "Engagement tools" > "Discover content". Then, launch a content discovery session to discover the /backup directory and its contents.
  2. Browse to /backup/ProductTemplate.java.bak to access the source code.
  3. In the source code, notice that the connection builder contains the hard-coded password for a Postgres database.
  4. Go back to the lab, click "Submit solution", and enter the database password to solve the lab.

Community solutions

Michael Sommer
Popo Hack