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Burp Suite Enterprise Edition

Unlimited - Overview

Complete freedom to scan as many applications as often as you would like

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How does it work?

A Burp Suite Enterprise Edition Unlimited subscription means exactly that. When you subscribe using the Unlimited option, you can carry out as many concurrent scans as you need at any given time - without limit.

In addition to this, remember that Burp Suite Enterprise Edition has always been different, in that it doesn't require you to "lock" your subscription to particular domain names / URLs in order to scan them. Instead, we leave you free to choose what you use your scan budget for - scanning a different URL with each new scan if you need to. And of course, you can add an unlimited number of users. We think these things are only fair. So in addition to scanning whatever you want, the Unlimited subscription option enables you to scan whenever you want to - without limit.

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A great solution for large portfolios, or DevSecOps

Previously, Burp Suite Enterprise Edition's pricing has always required subscribers to license a particular maximum number of concurrent scans. And this works fine - as long as you know your scanning requirements, and are confident that they won't change. But speaking to our users, we found that this just isn't the case for many organizations.

Now you really can have it all ...

In fact, many of our enterprise-level subscribers have been requesting an unlimited scan option for some time. This will enable them to exercise budgetary control, while ensuring that scanning will always be available when it's needed.

So if your security function supports a lot of dev teams, or if you're working in a DevSecOps scenario (scanning applications every time new code is pushed), then Burp Suite Enterprise Edition's Unlimited subscription option is for you. Check out our pricing example below to see how it might work for you.

If you have any questions about Enterprise Edition's unlimited model, our team are happy to help. Get in touch with them at hello@portswigger.net.

"Unlimited ensures that you can scan whenever you want to, without any limitations"

Example - PortSwigger hosted Unlimited subscription price breakdown

As well as adding flexibility to your deployment, Burp Suite Enterprise Edition's Unlimited subscription option could also save you money. For example:

Imagine that your organization needs enough headroom to dynamically scan up to 75 web applications at any given time. Using a Burp Suite Enterprise Edition Classic subscription, 75 concurrent scans would work out at $384,924 per year - but by choosing the Unlimited subscription, you could do that and more for just $249,999 per year:


Classic subscription breakdown

Unlimited subscription breakdown

Type Fixed

Classic subscription breakdown $9,999 - 1 year Classic subscription (including 1 concurrent scan).

Unlimited subscription breakdown $249,999 - Burp Suite Enterprise Edition 1 year Unlimited subscription (including unlimited concurrent scans)

Type Variable

Classic subscription breakdown $374,925 - 74 additional concurrent scans @$4,999 per unit.

Unlimited subscription breakdown None

Type Total

Classic subscription breakdown $384,924

Unlimited subscription breakdown $249,999

So in this scenario, you would save $134,925 per year - AND be able to carry out as many concurrent scans as you want, rather than being limited to 75. This means that as your needs grow, your costs will remain static. And don't forget that both subscription options enable you to scan any URLs you need to - because unlike many scanners, Burp Suite Enterprise Edition never limits you to scanning pre-named URLs.

"For heavy Burp Suite Enterprise usage, Unlimited gives you more for less"

Summary - DAST scanning with no limitations

As you can see, if you're a relatively heavy user of Burp Suite Enterprise Edition, then our Unlimited subscription option is almost certainly going to save you money.

On top of this, the Unlimited subscription option removes any limit on the number of concurrent scans you can carry out. Now you really can have it all. Don't forget that every Burp Suite Enterprise Edition subscription enables you to scan whichever domain names / URLs you want (without "locking in" certain ones), and comes as standard with the ability to add unlimited users.

To find out how to license Burp Suite Enterprise Edition with the Unlimited subscription option, contact our team with the link below.