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Vulnerable JavaScript dependency

Description: Vulnerable JavaScript dependency

The use of third-party JavaScript libraries can introduce a range of DOM-based vulnerabilities, including some that can be used to hijack user accounts like DOM-XSS.

Common JavaScript libraries typically enjoy the benefit of being heavily audited. This may mean that bugs are quickly identified and patched upstream, resulting in a steady stream of security updates that need to be applied. Although it may be tempting to ignore updates, using a library with missing security patches can make your website exceptionally easy to exploit. Therefore, it's important to ensure that any available security updates are applied promptly.

Some library vulnerabilities expose every application that imports the library, but others only affect applications that use certain library features. Accurately identifying which library vulnerabilities apply to your website can be difficult, so we recommend applying all available security updates regardless.

Remediation: Vulnerable JavaScript dependency

Develop a patch-management strategy to ensure that security updates are promptly applied to all third-party libraries in your application. Also, consider reducing your attack surface by removing any libraries that are no longer in use.

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