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Burp Suite 2.0 beta now available

Dafydd Stuttard | 23 August 2018 at 13:36 UTC
MoBP Burp Suite

Burp Suite 2.0 beta is now available to Professional users.

This is a major upgrade, with a host of new features, including:

Use with caution

Significant parts of Burp's existing codebase have been completely rewritten or heavily modified, and there is a mass of new code. This is very much a beta release, and we expect Burp Suite 2.* to remain officially in beta for an extended period while problems are identified and ironed out.

You should use Burp 2.0 if you want to try out its cutting-edge features and are happy to accept:

If you prefer the stability and integrity of a mature, battle-hardened product with an already awesome feature set, then please continue using Burp 1.* until we are officially out of beta.

Product roadmap

Releasing major new software always involves a balance between waiting until it is perfect (if ever) and getting cool new features into the hands of users. We firmly believe that what we have built already is too good to withhold from users for any longer. But there are some important things left to do, which we will be addressing over the coming months:

While it is still in beta, Burp 2.* will be available to licensed Professional users only. Following the beta phase, we will release a major update to Community Edition users.