We have collated here some interesting news articles about Burp Suite. These include our blog posts, articles from other sources about Burp Suite, and details of notable software releases.

Title Date
Burp Suite 1.7.20. Enhanced detection of blind injection vulnerabilities April 6, 2017
HackerOne's number 3 hacker loves Burp Suite April 4, 2017
Code Dx Announces Integration with Burp Suite March 21, 2017
InfoSec Institute: Burp Suite named top web scanner March 14, 2017
Burp Suite 1.7.18: New option not to log out-of-scope requests February 28, 2017
Burp Suite 1.7.17: New scan check for suspicious input transformation February 1, 2017
HackerOne: top hacker Mark Litchfield uses Burp Suite as his tool of choice January 27, 2017
HackerOne: Q&A With PortSwigger's James Kettle about bug bounties, exploit stories, and more January 19, 2017
Burp Suite 1.7.15: Custom wordlists and accurate not-found detection in Content Discovery tool December 21, 2016
Blog post: Bypassing CSP using polyglot JPEGs December 1, 2016
Blog post: PortSwigger bug bounty program November 30, 2016
Blog post: JSON hijacking for the modern web November 25, 2016
Burp Suite 1.7.12: Adds SMTP support to Burp Collaborator, and new SMTP scan checks November 18, 2016
Blog post: Backslash Powered Scanning: Hunting Unknown Vulnerability Classes November 4, 2016
Burp Suite 1.7.09: New Burp Collaborator client October 21, 2016
Blog post: Exploiting CORS Misconfigurations for Bitcoins and Bounties October 14, 2016
Burp Suite 1.7.06: New checks for second-order SQL injection September 8, 2016
Blog post: Introducing Burp Infiltrator July 26, 2016
Blog post: Executing non-alphanumeric JavaScript without parenthesis July 15, 2016
Blog post: Adapting AngularJS Payloads to Exploit Real World Applications April 25, 2016
Blog post: Introducing Burp projects April 8, 2016
Blog post: Using Burp Suite to Audit and Exploit an eCommerce Application March 22, 2016
Blog post: XSS without HTML: Client-Side Template Injection with AngularJS January 27, 2016
Burp Suite 1.6.33: New scan checks for blind XSS via Burp Collaborator January 13, 2016