Managing scanning resources

  • Last updated: January 24, 2023

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In Burp Suite Enterprise Edition, the term "scanning resources" refers to the systems that your scans run on. The type of scanning resource available to you depends on your deployment type.

Standard deployments

Standard deployments of Burp Suite Enterprise Edition use scanning machines. These are dedicated physical or virtual machines that run scans. You can deploy as many scanning machines as you choose, and organize them into scanning pools for ease of management.

Scanning machines


You can also deploy all of Burp Suite Enterprise Edition's components on a single machine, meaning that scans run on the same machine that the Enterprise Server is installed on. While this is suitable for evaluation purposes, we do not recommend this setup in most production environments. For more information, see Single vs multi-machine deployment.

Kubernetes deployments

Kubernetes deployments of Burp Suite Enterprise Edition use auto-scaling scanning resources. Rather than requiring you to configure individual scanning machines, Kubernetes deployments run scans on a scalable resource pool. Burp Suite Enterprise Edition automatically creates scanning resources to cope with the number of concurrent scans that you need to run at any given time. The resources scale back down once they are no longer needed.

Auto-scaling scanning resources

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