Managing roles

  • Last updated: May 17, 2022

  • Read time: 1 Minute

A role is a set of permissions to perform specific types of action. Roles group together a number of individual permissions that are related or depend upon each other. It is generally useful to define roles that match the actual job functions of people within your team. This facilitates placing users into the right groups in a quick and reliable way.

On the Team page, the Roles tab shows all the configured roles. There are various built-in roles that define common job functions, such as administrator, scan initiator, and so on. These cannot be modified. However, you can create your own custom roles as necessary by clicking the New role button.

To delete a role, click the icon to the far right of the screen. Note that you cannot delete the built-in roles.

You can click into a role to view details. For custom roles, you can edit the role name and the assigned permissions.

There are dependencies between some permissions. Logically, the permission to edit an entity usually depends on having permission to view the same entity. When editing permissions, these dependencies are indicated on the UI - permissions whose prerequisite permission has not been selected will be grayed out and unavailable for selection.