Managing users

  • Last updated: May 17, 2022

  • Read time: 2 Minutes

The users tab shows details about the configured users, such as their name, email address, and their login type. The login type determines whether the user is an actual person who will log in using a password, or an API user. An API user is a virtual entity that is required to integrate Burp Suite Enterprise Edition with other software using either the REST API or GraphQL API.

The filter bar lets you show or hide users based on particular features. For example, you could choose to only show users who are locked out, or who have never logged in.

To the right of each user in the list, there are options for enabling and deleting that user.


If you have enabled a SCIM integration, you need to manage any SCIM users and groups using your identity provider's administration console.

Creating a new user


Before creating new users, we recommend connecting your SMTP server first as this makes it much easier to invite new users to Burp Suite Enterprise Edition, reset passwords that users have forgotten, and so on.

  1. Log in as an administrator and go to Team > Add a new user.
  2. Enter the basic details for the new user, such as their name, username, and email address.
  3. Select the login type Password.
  4. Use the Enabled switch to decide whether you want the user to be able to log in right away, or whether you want to create the user first and only activate the account later.
  5. Select the groups to which this user should belong.
  6. When you are done, click Save in the upper-right corner. The new user should now appear in the list of users. If you have already connected your SMTP server, the user will automatically receive an email inviting them to complete the registration process and obtain their password. Otherwise, you will be prompted to copy a link, which you will have to send to the relevant user manually.

Sending email invites to newly created users

Once you have successfully integrated your email server, newly created users will automatically receive an invite by email when you finish creating their Burp Suite Enterprise Edition account.

Editing users

To edit an existing user, go to Team > All users and select the user from the list. You can then edit their details in the same way as you did when creating a new user.

You can also disable a user temporarily by toggling the Enabled switch on the right of the list. Or you can delete a user completely by clicking the Delete user icon.

Note that you cannot change a user's login type.