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Jira integration settings

The Jira integration settings can be accessed via the burger menu. They let you configure an integration between Burp Suite Enterprise Edition and Jira. This will allow you to create Jira tickets from Burp scan issues.

You can set up an integration with two kinds of Jira installation:

You can choose which Jira projects and ticket types will be available when creating Jira tickets from scan issues.

Automatic creation of Jira tickets

There is an option to automatically create Jira tickets for new scan issues.

When enabling this option, you must choose the Jira project and ticket type that you want to use for automatically created Jira tickets.

When this option is enabled, Jira tickets will be automatically created for new scan issues. You can configure what counts as a "new" issue for this purpose. By default, this will be based only on the site and the issue type, and not the URL. So, for example, if an SQL injection issue has already been reported for a site, then an SQL injection issue at a different URL would not result in a Jira ticket being created. You can optionally configure Burp to include the URL in what counts as a "new" issue, so that an SQL injection issues at a different URL would result in a Jira ticket being created. You can configure this setting on the settings page for sites and scan data.