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Sites and scan data settings

From the burger menu, you can navigate to "Settings" > "Sites and scan data", where you can control various settings to adjust how Burp Suite Enterprise Edition handles sites and scan data.

Automatically create sites for API-generated scans

When a scan is triggered using the REST API, for example, by an integrated CI pipeline, Burp Suite Enterprise Edition attempts to attach the scan data to existing sites in the system. If no matching site can be found, a new site is automatically created instead.

By default, sites generated using the API are not displayed on the "Sites" page. If you enable the "Display sites generated by the API" setting, the site tree will show these sites alongside the sites that you create manually.

How does Burp Suite Enterprise Edition decide which sites to match?

Burp Suite Enterprise Edition decides whether the data from an API-generated scan should be matched with an existing site based on both the name of the site and the list of included and excluded URLs.

If a name was provided for the site when the scan was created:

If no name was provided for the site when the scan was created:

Automatically delete old scans

If you enable this setting, you can define a threshold for how long old scans will be kept in the system. By default, this is set to delete all scans that are more than one year old, but you can change this to anything from one day up to five years. Note that the most recent scan for each site is always kept, even if it is older than the defined threshold.

Scan deltas

When a scan finds an issue, Burp Suite Enterprise Edition determines whether it is a new issue for the site or an issue that was already discovered by previous scans. This information is used to produce the trend information about new, resolved, and regressed issues that you see in the dashboards. It is also used to identify issues that have previously been flagged as false positives.

In the scan delta settings, you can adjust how Burp Suite Enterprise Edition decides which issues are "new". You have the following options: