Troubleshooting in Burp Suite Enterprise Edition

To help with troubleshooting, Burp Suite Enterprise Edition provides a range of logging options and features to help our support team assist you with any issues.

Downloading logs

You can access various different log files from within Burp Suite Enterprise Edition.

Help center

You can access the help center by selecting the ? icon in the upper-right corner of the screen. This provides the following features that are designed to help our support team understand the details of your installation so that they can better assist you with any issues that you report.


This page provides quick access to all the background information our support team generally needs to know when you report an issue. It contains some basic details about your installation, memory usage, operating system, and so on. This enables you to quickly copy and paste all of this information from one place, rather than having to track it down across your system.


From time to time, the support team may need to see more detailed log files to understand what is causing your issues. In this case, they will ask you to enable detailed debugging for specific areas of Burp Suite Enterprise Edition. They will provide you with a series of values that you need to enter using the input field on this page. This temporarily increases the level of detail that is included in the logs, which will help our support team get to the bottom of any issues.

Support pack

The support team may occasionally ask you to provide a collection of log files to help them troubleshoot your issue. Instead of downloading individual logs for each component, you can select the logs you want and which time period you want to include, then download them all as a single file known as a "support pack". You can download the logs for the web server, Enterprise server, and database in this way.