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Configuring an HTTP proxy server

  • Last updated: May 24, 2024

  • Read time: 1 Minute

If your organization does not allow you to connect to the public internet directly, you can configure a network proxy that the Enterprise server can use to reach external domains, such as portswigger.net.

To activate your license and perform automatic software updates, the Enterprise server needs access to portswigger.net on port 443. For the best experience give the server permanent access, rather than just for the initial installation.

  1. From the settings menu , select Network.
  2. Scroll down to HTTP proxy server and select Use an HTTP proxy server.
  3. Enter the Host and Port for your proxy server.
  4. If your proxy server requires a login:
    • Select Authenticated.
    • Enter a valid username and password.
  5. To use the proxy server for connecting to an SMTP server, select Use proxy to connect to email server.


You can only use an unauthenticated proxy to connect to an SMTP server. For more information, see the documentation on how to configure a connection to your SMTP server.

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