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Configuring your SMTP server

  • Last updated: June 6, 2024

  • Read time: 2 Minutes

If you configure a connection between Burp Suite Enterprise Edition and your SMTP server, you can enable some useful features:

  • Administrators can send email invites to new users.
  • Users can automatically receive end-of-scan reports.
  • Administrators can automatically send password reset links to users.
  • Administrators can receive system alerts, such as low disk space warnings.


Before you can connect to your SMTP server, you need to configure your web server settings.

Using an HTTP proxy server to connect to the SMTP server

If you use an HTTP proxy connection for communication with portswigger.net, you can also use the proxy for connecting to an external SMTP server. This is only supported if you use an unauthenticated proxy.

  1. Log in to Burp Suite Enterprise Edition as an administrator.
  2. From the settings menu , select Network.
  3. Scroll down to HTTP proxy server.
  4. Make sure that Use proxy to connect to email server is selected.

Connecting to an external email service

To configure your email settings, you need to know the SMTP server hostname and port for your email service provider. For example, Gmail uses smtp.gmail.com and port 587. Ports 25 and 465 are also commonly used.

You can find these settings in the documentation of your email service provider.

  1. From the settings menu , select Email.
  2. Select Connect to an SMTP server.
  3. Enter the SMTP server hostname.
  4. Enter the Port that the server uses for sending emails.
  5. In the From address field, enter the email address that you want Burp Suite Enterprise Edition to use when sending emails.


    To reduce the risk of messages being blocked by spam filters, use an email address registered to your email service provider. For example, if you use the Gmail SMTP server, use a Gmail email address.

  6. Select Authenticated.
  7. Enter the Username and Password for the email account.
  8. Select Use TLS.
  9. When you are happy with your settings, click Save.

Connecting to an internal email service

You can use the same procedure to connect to an internal email service. However, it may not be necessary to select Authenticated, or Use TLS.

Verifying your SMTP server connection

When you save your configuration, the Send a test email field appears. Now you can check that the link in the auto-generated email works correctly:

  1. To send a test email to the email address of the admin user, click Send.
  2. Open the email and click the Check Email Link button.
  3. Make sure that the link takes you to the email settings page in Burp Suite Enterprise Edition.

If the link doesn't work, do the following steps:

  1. From the settings menu , select Network.
  2. Make sure that the Web server URL is correct.
  3. Send another test email and confirm that the link works.

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