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Enterprise Edition

Troubleshooting Cloud instances

  • Last updated: May 24, 2024

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For Cloud instances of Burp Suite Enterprise Edition, our support team may ask you for event logs or support logs to help you to troubleshoot any issues. You can download support logs from the help center.

Event log

You can download an event log for scans that are less than 10 days old.

To download the event log for a scan:

  1. From the Scans menu, select the scan you want to troubleshoot.

  2. In the Logging tab, click Download event log.

The event log downloads as a .csv file.

Help center

You can access the help center by selecting the icon in the upper-right corner of the screen. This provides links to:

  • The documentation for Burp Suite Enterprise Edition.

  • The Burp Suite Support Center.

  • The user forum.

  • Support logs.

Support logs

You can download a log to help you to troubleshoot integrations, such as SAML or Jira. To download the integration log file:

  1. To access the help center, click .

  2. Under Support logs, click View.

  3. Under Integration log files, click Download.

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