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Adding headers and cookies

  • Last updated: June 6, 2024

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You can add custom headers and cookies to requests made when scanning a site. This enables you to, for example:

  • Configure header authentication.
  • Control request throttling.

You can add a header or cookie when you edit an existing site, or when you add a new site:

  1. Under Scan settings, go to the Headers & cookies tab.
  2. Click Add a header or cookie. The Add header or cookie dialog opens.
  3. In the Add header or cookie dialog, select either Add header or Add cookie.
  4. Specify the header or cookie details:

    1. Name - Enter a name for the header or cookie.
    2. Value - Enter the header or cookie value.
    3. Scope prefix - Enter a URL prefix to define the scope for the header or cookie. Make sure that this is within the overall site scope.
  5. Click Add.

The header or cookie is added to the list in the Headers & cookies tab. Burp Scanner now adds the name and value of the header or cookie to all requests that match the scope prefix.

To add additional headers or cookies, click the add icon .

To edit a header or cookie from the list, click the edit icon .

To delete a header or cookie, click the trash icon .


You can only add headers and cookies for sites. You can't add headers and at the folder or subfolder level.

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