Managing scheduled scans

  • Last updated: May 17, 2022

  • Read time: 1 Minute

For scans that have been scheduled but not yet started, you can see the settings that you made when creating the scan, such as the configuration and scheduling settings. Depending on your authorizations, you can also edit these details.

For recurring scans, you can see a list of all previous times the scan has run, including information about the issues that were found, the duration of the scan, and so on. Click on any previous scan to view more details about it.

Viewing scheduled scans

To view a list of scheduled scans, click Scans > Scheduled scans.

To view the scheduling information for a particular scan, click on its row in the list. You'll now see detailed information about the scan, which includes the following Scheduling information:

  • Start: The date when the scan was first scheduled.
  • Recurrence: How often the scheduled scan is repeated.
  • Next run: The time when the scheduled scan will next start.

The page also displays a list of the completed scheduled scans. You can click on one of these scans to view the scan results.

Editing scheduled scans

To edit a scheduled scan, click the Edit button. Change the Scan Schedule and click Save.

If you want to delete the scheduled scan, click the Delete schedule button.