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Creating sites

Provided that you have the right role, you can create new sites and new folders to populate the site tree.

  1. To create a new site, from the "Sites" page, click the "New site" button. Alternatively, you can select a folder and click "New site" to create a site within that folder.
  2. Enter a name for the site to help you identify it later. Note that the site name must be unique within its parent folder.
  3. You can choose whether to add the site to a specific folder. If you leave this blank, the site will be created on the top level of the site tree. If a site with the same name already exists in a folder, this folder will be unavailable for selection.
  4. Under "URLs", you can specify which of the site's URLs should be included in scans of this site. You must enter at least one URL as this is where the scan will start. To add multiple URLs, start each one with a new line. Note that you can omit the protocol from the start of a site URL, meaning that it applies to both HTTP and HTTPS. No wildcards are permitted.
  5. You also have the option of excluding URLs from the scope of any scans on this site. For example, if you have paths that contain sensitive information, you could exclude these from scans.
  6. Under "Application logins", you can provide any login credentials that are relevant for the site. This enables the scan to access URLs that are hidden behind an authentication system.
  7. You can select a default scan configuration, which will always be pre-selected for any new scans that you create for this site. You can override the default when you create an individual scan. Most of the configurations from Burp Suite Professional's library are included and you can also import a custom scan in JSON format.
  8. When you are done, click "Save" in the upper-right corner to create the site. This site is now available in the site tree and is ready to scan.
Creating sites