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A day in the life of an Advocate (Enterprise Sales role)

what we look for in PortSwigger people

At PortSwigger, no two days in the advocacy team look the same, with each day being more than just holding customer calls and closing deals. Here is what you could expect from a typical day in the team, focusing on the blend of activities that keep things interesting.


Our morning starts by catching up with the team for a daily stand-up, where we talk through any work in progress and set the team up for collaborative success.

The bulk of client calls tend to happen in the afternoon, leaving most of our morning open to handle all the behind-the-scenes work like:

This takes us up to lunch where we can enjoy a hearty and delicious lunch in our on-site restaurant, pop out for a walk or take part in one of our daily lunchtime workout classes in our on-site gym.


Given our global client base, the bulk of our afternoon is dedicated to calls with clients from all over the world. This could look like:

Throughout the day

Working together in the office is an important part of our culture at PortSwigger and means we're always kept in the loop through collaborative and strategic meetings. These meetings occur throughout the week and could look like:

What makes the role stand out

Here's what makes the Enterprise Sales role at PortSwigger unique:

Being part of PortSwigger's Advocacy Team means you're integral to our efforts to drive success and innovation in cybersecurity, all while enjoying the dynamics and support of a collaborative environment. Each day provides you with a new opportunity to contribute to growth and make a difference.

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