PortSwigger Culture

PortSwigger Culture

Culture eats everything for breakfast.

Our culture is our most important superpower, and our biggest differentiator as an organization.

We're proud of our culture, and fiercely protective of it.

We recruit the best

  • Focus on what matters.

  • Never compromise.

  • Recruitment is everyone's responsibility.

  • The first 90 days are crucial.

PortSwigger recruits the best people


PortSwigger questions your assumptions

Hold the vision

  • Focus on the long term.

  • Question your assumptions.

  • Don't follow the herd.

Trust people

  • We work better together.

  • Default to open.

  • Give people freedom to fail.

PortSwigger trusts its people
people at PortSwigger learn continuously

Learn continuously

  • Never stop developing your skills.

  • There are no stupid questions.

  • Fail fast and learn the lessons.

Support each other

  • Leadership == enabling others to succeed.

  • Recognize potential.

  • Anyone can ask for help.

people at PortSwigger always support each other


PortSwigger people can achieve the incredible

Achieve the incredible

  • Deliver amazing products and services.

  • Constantly raise the bar.

  • Surprise and delight customers.


Change the world

  • Enable the world to secure the web.

  • Share our knowledge generously.

  • Give back to our community.

PortSwigger people are helping to change the world
PortSwigger rewards its people generously

Reward generously

  • Pay people what they are worth.

  • Give everyone a stake in the business.

Have fun

  • Work is not a four letter word.

  • If it stops being fun, we're doing it wrong.

PortSwigger believes that work should always be fun

  • Have fun. Think of all the things that can prevent work being fun. They generally come down to bad culture: disrespect, hoarding information and assets, command-and-control management, selfishness, organizational politics, lack of integrity, dysfunctional backstabbers, over-promoted under-performers. Our culture is the antidote to all these things.

  • Have a worthwhile mission. Our mission is a hugely ambitious goal that we won't achieve easily or quickly. Our culture enables us to stay aligned to this mission, by focusing on the long term, holding the vision, working together very collaboratively, and defaulting to open communication.

  • Be successful. Our culture creates the conditions for our success. We're uncompromising in only recruiting the best people. We create an environment of trust, openness, and freedom to fail, which fosters innovation. Our servant leadership brings out the best in all our people, recognizes their potential, and enables continuous learning. This is how we achieve the incredible.

  • Be a force for good in the world. Delivering amazing products and services certainly makes the world a better place. But our culture means that we are also instinctively generous, giving away much more than we need to. We directly improve the lives of our people and numerous others. We do this as an end in itself, not as a cynical means to profit.

Our workplace

the PortSwigger workplace

We are based in Knutsford (Cheshire, UK).

In mid-2021, we will move into brand new office at Booths Park, on the outskirts of town.

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