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PortSwigger People

We set an exceptionally high bar in our recruitment. Our ideal (sadly unrealistic) would be for everyone to hire people who are smarter than themselves, and for each new hire to be even better than the last.

PortSwigger people

This applies to every single position within the company. There are no roles whatsoever in which "normal" is good enough.

Aside from subject matter expertise, we look for a number of generic traits in all of our people:

  • Niceness: We want to work with people that we like to spend time with. And being nice is highly correlated with many of the other traits that we select for.

  • Humility: Our people have sometimes been called "anxious over-achievers". Many don't realize just how exceptional they are. Even if they do, they're keenly aware of their own limitations and the incredible strengths of their colleagues. Egos, if they exist, are left at the door.

  • Altruism: Our people take pleasure in helping others. They are generous with their time and knowledge, eager to support their colleagues, our customers, and others. You can ask any PortSwigger person for help, and help will be given.

  • Communication skills: Our work is extremely collaborative, and it is essential that everyone is a clear and effective communicator, in both speech and writing.

  • Emotional intelligence: Being aware of our own emotions, being able to control them, and being able to adapt our style to other personality types, are key foundations for working in the respectful, open, and supportive ways that we do.

  • Aptitude for growth: No one knows everything, and our work often takes us in unexpected directions, into new activities, technologies, and problem spaces. Our people need to be adaptable and able to continuously learn new skills.

  • Leadership potential: We regard leadership on any team as shared and contextual, and everyone at PortSwigger is encouraged to play a leadership role when they are able to. As we have grown, and our teams have evolved, many of our most effective leaders have moved into their leadership positions organically, already fully immersed in our culture and aligned with our vision of good leadership. At some future point, it is feasible that every one of our existing people could be a team leader, if they are so inclined.

  • Can-do: We think big, and we set ourselves ambitious goals. We need natural glass-half-full optimists with the self-assurance to take on a big challenge, visualize their success, and shoot for victory.

  • Tenacity: We often work on hard problems with no standard solution. Sometimes, we have no idea what a solution looks like or how long it will take to find. We need people who will persevere and finish the job.

  • Energy: We need people with infectious energy, who lift everyone in the room and drive them on to bigger things.

  • Conscientiousness: Our people take pride in their work and complete all tasks with a high level of care and attention.