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Agile everywhere

We apply the principles of agile software development to our work in general, in all areas of the business.

PortSwigger agility
  • We work together on everything.

  • We continuously share ideas and work-in-progress to get input from others.

  • We work in small increments, always aiming to deliver value to customers (whether external or internal) as early as possible. We often apply the concept of "minimum viable product" (MVP) to achieve this.

  • We are extremely delivery focused. We regard effort as essentially wasted and worthless unless and until it results in value being delivered to customers.

  • We create short feedback loops, to test the value of what we are creating, and refine our approach as necessary.

  • When we need to change direction, we do it quickly and incrementally.

  • We frequently reflect on how we are working and look for ways to become more effective.

  • We don't believe that anything we create is ever perfect or finished. Everything we do is forever work-in-progress, long after it is first delivered to customers.

  • We don't have swim-lanes or lawns for people to occupy and protect. We encourage input, ideas, questions, and output from anyone, regardless of perceived subject matter expertise or quantity of experience. We believe that our smart, creative people can pivot and contribute value anywhere.

  • These principles are applied to all areas of the business, not only to the creation of our products and services. We aim to be just as innovative within other teams and processes, including go-to-market initiatives, customer support, recruitment, culture, finance, and IT.

PortSwigger agile working